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Lymphatic Drainage & Body Slimming

Liposuction is effective in permanently removing excess body fat. However, it can lead to lymphatic blockage, causing a significant accumulation of fluid in your body’s tissues. This can result in notable fibrosis, tightness, and tenderness, depending on the area where the procedure was performed. Furthermore, the trauma to the lymphatic system may induce sluggishness and fatigue due to abnormal lymphatic drainage. Post-liposuction healing may extend over several months before you can resume your normal daily activities. Without advanced and personalized treatment for your post-liposuction healing, there is a serious risk of an extended recovery period, and not being able to see the real results of surgery due to the excess fluid trapped in the surgical area. It can be frustrating to be filled with expectations before surgery but end up with uncertainty afterward. This is where Lymphatic Wellness & Body Slimming comes into play, offering Post-Liposuction Lymphatic Drainage to facilitate a swift, comfortable recovery and enhance your beauty.

Additionally, if you haven’t had liposuction surgery or had it years ago but still want to shed a few inches from your body, reduce puffiness in your belly/face area, or achieve smoother skin as a quick fix just days before a special event, such as a party, wedding, or photoshoot, we’ve got you covered. Experience immediate results with our Lymphatic Body Slimming treatments. It can also serve as post-liposuction maintenance to help you maintain the perfect shape after surgery.

At Lymphatic Wellness & Body Slimming Las Vegas, we specialize in providing non-medical, non-invasive Lymphatic Body Slimming treatments that are fully customizable, catering to individuals seeking a slimmer, sculpted appearance. Our service is not only relaxing but also highly effective, ensuring a pleasant experience. Our team of professionals takes care of everything for you, allowing you to sit back and relax. It is as simple as taking a peaceful nap. After you wake up, you’ll notice a slimmer and more contoured appearance.


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Our Mission

Lymphatic Wellness & Body Slimming, located in the Lake Sahara area of Las Vegas, provides post-liposuction recovery and maintenance services to help you look your best. We believes in making beauty accessible, comfortable, and empowering for all. Our relaxing atmosphere and simple to follow protocols guide every customer to success. Individualized treatments with an attention to detail to cater to your needs and those in our community.


Body Slimming Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does post-liposuction recovery treatment benefit your recovery journey?

A: Post-liposuction recovery treatment plays a crucial role in enhancing your recovery after invasive medical procedures. It helps to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation, common after surgical procedures. By managing these symptoms effectively, post-liposuction recovery treatment not only improves your comfort levels but also allows you to recover faster and resume your daily activities. Additionally, it promotes healing by stimulating blood circulation, reducing inflammation, assisting lymphatic drainage and enhancing tissue repair. Overall, it accelerates your recovery, improves outcomes, and enhances your overall well-being.


Q: Why reducing post-liposuction inflammation so important? What does it do with my invasive aesthetic procedure?

A: The primary goal of invasive aesthetic procedures is to deliver the appearance of the body shape and skin. However, excessive, or prolonged inflammation caused by invasive aesthetic procedures can impede the healing process. Additionally, post-liposuction inflammation, accompanied by puffiness and swelling can mask the true results of the aesthetic procedure. By minimizing inflammation, the true contour and shape of the aesthetic procedure areas become more visible, enabling a better appreciation of the desired aesthetic outcomes.


Q: Who is the candidate for post-liposuction recovery treatment? Do I need a post-liposuction recovery treatment for my situation?

A: Post-liposuction recovery treatment is typically recommended for individuals who have undergone various surgical or invasive aesthetic procedures. Candidates for post-liposuction recovery treatment may include those who have had traditional liposuction, micro liposuction, AirSculpt, J-Plasma, Tummy tuck, 360 lipo, body contouring surgeries, C-section, facelifts, breast augmentation or reduction, rhinoplasty, and more. Additionally, individuals experiencing post-liposuction symptoms such as swelling, bruising, pain, tissue hardening, sluggishness, or a failure to achieve the expected changes can benefit from post-op recovery treatment to alleviate these symptoms and promote healing.


Q: I had liposuction a while ago, and now I have some bumps, lumps, unevenness, and tissue hardening in the surgical areas. Do you have a solution for that?

A: Yes, we have a solution. For those who have undergone previous liposuction procedures but remain dissatisfied with specific details, considering the integration of Body Slimming into their post-liposuction maintenance routine can be a valuable option. This approach aims to further refine and enhance the surgical area, effectively addressing these concerns.


Q: Is Body Slimming treatment painful?

A: Body Slimming treatments are generally relaxing and involve minimal discomfort. Picture yourself taking a soothing and quick nap while our professional technicians take care of everything, and you can wake up with a slimmer body. Some individuals may feel a warm sensation, tingling, or mild pressure during the treatment. However, the intensity of these sensations may vary depending on the individual.


Q: Are the results of Body Slimming permanent?

A: Following each Body Slimming treatment session, fat cells are eliminated, and muscles are toned, those that we’ve done during treatment are permanent. However, it’s important to note that without proper maintenance, the remaining fat cells can still expand. In order to maintain the reduction of fat cells and the toning of muscles achieved through these treatments, we recommend joining our monthly membership for regular maintenance, as well as living a balanced lifestyle. This combination will ensure that you consistently maintain the shape you desire.


Q: Is there any downtime or recovery period associated with Body Slimming treatment?

A: Body Slimming treatments are often referred to as “lunchtime procedures” because they typically involve minimal to no downtime or recovery. Most individuals can resume their regular activities immediately after the treatment. However, some temporary side effects such as redness, mild swelling, or tenderness in the treated area may occur, but these usually subside within a few days.



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Christina and Mimi are very knowledgeable about the slimming process. They answered all of my questions through my first session, I lost 3/4 of an inch. I was able to button a pair of pants I had been trying to get into for a while. I highly recommend this service and the comfortable environment.

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